Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Model of my Calico?

The model of your firearm will be Marked on ether side of the Upper Receiver.

2. What is the era of my Calico Firearm?

Go to the Evolution of Calico page, you with find the different models and years they were made. Evolution of Calico

3. Does Calico LWS make airsoft guns?

No. Calico LWS does not manufacture, sell or repair airsoft guns.

4. How do I become a Calico LWS Dealer?

If you wish to place orders for parts & accessories, please contact Inside Sales Division at (541) 437-1031 or email Mon-Fri 7:30AM – 4:30PM PST.

5. Does Calico LWS have a newsletter or online specials?

Yes. To subscribe to our email newsletter/special offers, send your email address to with Newsletter in the Subject Line.

6. Do you have a break-in process?

Yes. We recommend cleaning the bore after every round for the first 25 rounds, and then clean bore after ten rounds for the next 100 rounds. Our rifles require “minimal lubrication” on the bolt carrier assembly for proper functioning during break in.

7. Why don’t I receive emails from Calico LWS (order confirmations or special offers)?

Make sure Calico LWS is in your “Safe Sender” list in your email application. Some corporations/companies may have restrictions set up on their email servers. To avoid having Calico LWS marked as spam by your corporate email filter, it is best to use your personal email address when ordering. Also you need to have provided your E-mail address to Calico LWS.

8. Where can I find the Calico LWS “Firearm Registration” Form?

For the “Firearms Registration” Form you can click  HERE.

9. Is there a difference between 9mm NATO and 9mm?

Yes, 9mm NATO in a High Pressure Ammunition.

10. What Ammunition should I use for best accuracy?

Every Firearm is different but as a a rule you should use a High Quality ammunition.

11. My brand new Calico LWS Firearms jams why?

Our Firearms require a Break-in:
.22LR – Use CCI Mini Mag 40 Grain for the first 300 to 600 Rounds.
9mm – Use Winchester White Box 115 Grain for the first 300-to 600 Rounds.

12. Are your barrels chrome-lined?

No our Barrels are made from 4140 a hi chrome material.

13. What is my rifle chambered in?

The specific chambering of the firearms is marked on the side of the Upper Receiver.
.22LR is marked on the left side of the upper receiver.
9mm is marked on the right side of the upper receiver.

14. I just bought a Calico LWS Firearm at a gun show and want to know if it is factory built?

All of our guns are made at our factory.

15. My Calico LWS rifle has a compensator on it, can I remove it?

For Pre Ban Firearms, Calico permanently pinned and welded the compensator to the barrel.

For Post Ban and currently manufactured Firearms, Calico threads the compensator on the barrel.

16. How can I find out the manufacture date of my rifle?

You can email the Model and full Serial number to or you can call in with the Model and full Serial number for us to look up (541) 437-1031.

17. Are your Magazines interchangeable?

Yes, as long as you are using the .22lr magazine on the .22lr firearm and the 9mm magazine on the 9mm firearm.

18. What does Calico stand for?

Calico is an abbreviation for California Instrument Company – Cal / i / co.

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